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15 Feb 2017

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 Written by: Nqobile Tembe

Dolphins and MBTM join forces for One Day Cup

Durban - The Hollywoodbets Dolphins have joined forces with the More Balls Than Most (MBTM) campaign during their upcoming Momentum One Day Cup pursuit in an initiative that attempts to raise awareness about the significance of prostate and testicular cancer.

The More Balls Than Most movement began in 2011 following a huge success of their sister organisation, PinkDrive which focuses solely on breast cancer so as a result, MBTM was formed to cater for men. Annually, more than 4000 men are diagnosed with this disease in South Africa.

According to SA Statistics as per National Cancer Registry 2004, cancer is one of the main health concerns men face with 1 in 23 men being diagnosed with prostate type cancer – the most common among South African men.

Also, the statistics show that black males are at an increased risk for Prostate cancer and on the other hand, Testicular cancer is liable for close to 1% of all cancers in men and is one of the most common in males between the ages of 15 and 39.

“More Balls Than Most is on the guys side and this partnership is demonstrating how sport can raise awareness for a cause. This platform is giving us the opportunity to raise awareness for Prostate and Testicular cancer and is helping us to spread the message that Early Detection Saves Lives!

"I would like to sincerely thank all parties involved for showing that “you have got more balls than most” by affording us the opportunity to be part of the Hollywoodbets Dolphins!” say Noelene Kotschan, CEO and Founder.

Nana Ngubane, the KZN Cricket Union Marketing Manager reiterates Kotschan's statement saying that it is a known fact that prostate cancer takes the lead in all cancer related infections and this campaign they have embarked on could bring about change.

“It is not just about us as an organisation trying to take the spotlight, but this is a real plight and if nothing is done now to help curb the plague, we will have nobody but ourselves to blame in the long run.

“Therefore, I urge each and every one out there to partake in this campaign and make our society a better one for future generations,” she commented.

The campaigns are set to take place during the Momentum One Day Cup home games on 24 February at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead and then again on 26 February at the Pietermaritzburg Oval when the Hollywoodbets Dolphins play the bizhubHighveld Lions and BuildNat Cape Cobras, respectively.

The KZN Cricket Union and the Dolphins’ main sponsors, Hollywoodbets, have encouraged the fans and everyone else to join in and show support especially to those who are affected by this silent killer by wearing blue gear on these two days.

MBTM will be present at the games to offer men screening for Prostate cancer through a PSA (Prostate Specific Antegin) which will be R60 per test.

“I would really like to commend MBTM for the initiative they have taken in ensuring that South Africans are educated and made aware of the seriousness of diseases such as Prostate and Testicular cancer, we are fully behind this campaign,” said Rajesh Behari, acting CEO of the Hollywoodbets Dolphins.
More information can be found at www.dolphinscricket.co.za.


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Hollywoodbets Dolphins More Balls Than Most Logo - GIF  

The Hollywoodbets Dolphins embraced the blue recently when they kick-started their campaign with More Balls Than Most, an organisation that attempts to raise awareness about the significance of prostate and testicular cancer. Pictured here (from left): Keshav Maharaj, Senuran Muthusamy, Janice Benecke (KZN Administrator for More Balls Than Most), Divan van Wyk, Craig Alexander, SJ Erwee, Tsepang Dithole. Hollywoodbets


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