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23 May 2016

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Written by: Kyle Gilham

KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union celebrates 25 years of unification

Durban – The game of cricket in KwaZulu-Natal celebrates an important milestone when it commemorates 25 years of unification and the establishment of of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union, with the sport’s authority reaffirming it’s commitment to continue increasing the game’s reach to all corners of the province.

Negotiations between the non-racial Natal Cricket Board and The Natal Cricket Association gave birth to the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union (KZNCU), a single controlling body for cricket in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, on 23 May 1991, paving the way for all to enjoy the great game.

“Unification was a major milestone, not only for our sport, but our country as a whole and the progress we have made since then has been fantastic,” says KZNCU President, Faeez Jaffar. “25 years later, the KZNCU is proud of what it has achieved.”

“Together with winning a number of trophies at all levels of the game, the Union has proudly helped produce Protea cricketers, both male and female, many of them homegrown in KZN, while there have also been a number from the Union who have gone on to be appointed as captains, umpires, coaches, presidents and selectors for Cricket South Africa (CSA).

“The KZNCU has been at the forefront of development in cricket – testament to its successful township cricket development programme that has received many accolades and has been mirrored across other regions.

“Going forward, the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union endeavours to develop the game even further with the main purpose of making cricket truly representative of the region and South Africa,” he adds.

Prior to the South African domestic cricket scene’s adoption of the Franchise system in 2004/05 and the emergence of the Dolphins, the Union’s premiere team – KwaZulu-Natal – claimed its first post-unification trophy when the Jonty Rhodes-lead outfit clinched the 1994/95 Castle Cup crown.

“The sporting world has evolved greatly since the early 90s with the pinnacle of the sport having become ever more professional year on year,” says Sunfoil Dolphins CEO, Pete de Wet.

“Despite this though, the key principles and core values of the game remain the same and exposing as many of our province – especially at junior level – to these, as well as the enjoyment that cricket has brought so many before, remains a key target of ours both as a Franchise and a Union.

“We have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the coming year as we look to mark this significant milestone and celebrate all that it stands for for cricket in KwaZulu-Natal,” he adds.

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The first president of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union, Don Macleod addressed all who were present at the KZNCU 25 Year Anniversary at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on Monday. Dave Macleod/
Gameplan Media

Current Chief Executive Officer of the Sunfoil Dolphins Pete de Wet was quick to appreciate all the work that people before him have done at the 25 Year Anniversary of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on Monday. Dave Macleod/
Gameplan Media

Former President of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union and CEO of the Sunfoil Dolphins Cassim Docrat spoke about how important the early years were in setting up the KZNCU as one of the most inclusive unions in the country at the 25 Year Anniversary of the KZNCU at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on Monday. Dave Macleod/
Gameplan Media

One of KwaZulu-Natal sports favourite sons, Errol Stewart was present to share his experiences as being part of the first KwaZulu-Natal side since isolation at the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union 25 Year Anniversary at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on Monday. Dave Macleod/
Gameplan Media

From left: Current Sunfoil Dolphins CEO Pete de Wet, former Natal and Proteas cricketer Errol Stewart, first President of the KZNCU Don Macleod and former KZNCU President and CEO of KZNCU Cassim Docrat were all present at the 25 Year Anniversary at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on Monday. Dave Macleod/
Gameplan Media

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