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20 Sept 2019

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Written By: Nick Tatham

RPC a platform for giving

Underberg – Having raised over a million Rand in the past four years, the Rhino Peak Challenge will once again this year offer a platform for a number of elite athletes, social athletes, influential people and corporate teams to band together to support a number of important causes on Saturday, 5 October.

The event plays a significant part in raising money for four organisations that play a vital role in protecting endangered species - the Rhino Conservation Project, the Maloti Drakensberg Vulture Project, Wildlife ACT and the Drakensberg Crane Project.

With the Southern Drakensberg providing a pristine backdrop for the 21km event that will see runners and walkers scale the famous Rhino Peak, conserving and supporting the Maloti Drakensberg World heritage Site is the unifying driver behind the event.

One of the influential people taking part in this year is Managing Director of Millhouse Andre Redinger – a man that is quietly changing the face of child nutrition in rural areas across the African continent.

With many hats, Redinger has promised that every person that lodges a pledge for him at this year’s Rhino Peak Challenge, he will feed a child for seven years. Aligning himself with an event like the Rhino Peak Challenge was an easy decision for Redinger.

“We are passionate about local people and local communities that are making a difference,” Redinger said. “Pushing awareness in these communities works with what we are trying to achieve.

“Having people that are going out and actually making a difference instead of talking about it is what we want to see and the unique aspect of people having to run or walk up the Rhino Peak makes this event an easy fit for me.”

Redinger came across the Rhino Peak Challenge when running the peak with event organiser Spurgeon Flemington in preparation for the Ultra-Trail® Drakensberg and on hearing about the event he saw that it was something that he could get behind.

“I have run trails through Africa, South America and Europe and you can see how important environmental awareness is in local communities.

“The interaction between these communities and the environment is crucial in helping both live in a sustainable manner so to help people learn more about the area that they live in is crucial.

“All of our work is hugely community driven and so I want to try and use my passion to help raise funds and awareness in this community.”

Through Millhouse and the Southern Lodestar Foundation Redinger is championing a programme for nutrition in schools and his organisation has developed an instant porridge that has all the nutritional value that a child needs. Seven schools and around 470 children in the Underberg and Himeville area start their day with a meal of Redinger’s nutritious porridge.

“My mission is to connect people, nutrition, and food within the African landscape, all with the goal to ensure knowledge and nutritious foods are more accessible to all for the growing and flourishing minds and bodies of all people.”

If you would like to pledge towards Andre Redinger's Rhino Peak Challenge follow the link here: https://www.rhinopeakchallenge.co.za/people-pledge/?yearopt=2019&celeb_id=40

For more information go to www.rhinopeakchallenge.co.za

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Managing Director of Millhouse Andre Redinger will be taking on the 2019 Rhino Peak Challenge as he strives to continue to feed as many young children in rural communities throughout the African continent as well as support the events crucial causes. Supplied/
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