KAP sani2c Diary Note  No: sani1702

3 April 2017

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Written by : Nick Tatham

Another successful sani2c spayathon

Jolivet – In keeping with the KAP sani2c’s ongoing involvement with the communities that the three-day race moves through, the race teamed up with Rural Animal Welfare for their third successful ‘spayathon’ recently.

Many of the locals that have dogs are unable to afford to have them vaccinated, neutered or spayed which is where the sani2c and the Rural Animal Welfare organization come in to assist in preventing the spread of disease as well keeping local dog and cat numbers in check.

"This was the third sani2c sponsored spayathon. Together with Rural Animal Welfare, local vets, young community service vets and volunteers 78 dogs were sterilised and just over 250 animals vaccinated," mentioned Mandy Haw.

"We had our biggest team of vets this year and the interest in this great cause is growing hugely.”

The local communities have benefitted greatly from this initiative and along with operations and injections the locals are able to learn more about treatment of the dogs and how to keep their pets healthy.

With the initiative having turned one year old in March, the impact that these ‘spayathons’ are having on the local communities and their pets is vital in preventing the spread of disease and the incidence of abandoned animals.

“In March 2016, sani2c funded the first animal sterilisation and vaccination weekend held at Jolivet,” said Haw.

“Since then there have been a further two, one in the Umkomaas Valley in September 2016 and another at Jolivet in March 2017.

“Together with Rural Animal Welfare (an organisation started by Ixopo/Highflats locals Sally Hayter and Glynnis Shewan) and local vets, 217 animals have been sterilised and 722 dogs inoculated and treated throughout this initiative with sani2c.

“The positive impact on both the people and the animals in the rural communities along the sani2c route is enormous and sani2c wishes to continue its partnership with Rural Animal Welfare in the months and years to come,” Haw added.

Local vet Lauren Williams has been involved in all three of the spayathon’s that have taken place in the last year and she feels that it is vital that the local communities continue to understand why these sorts of events are so important to their pets’ wellbeing.

“We don’t teach the local communities about how to look after their animals but we want them to see how we handle and treat the dogs,” she highlighted.

“Our treatments are more about the prevention of illness or disease rather than treatment and this primary healthcare initiative has been vital in keeping these animals healthy.”

For more information on KAPsani2c®: Info@KAPsani2c.co.za  or www.sani2c.co.za


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Recently the KAP sani2c team and Rural Animal Welfare teamed up to sterilise 78 dogs as well as vaccinate over 250 animals during their third 'Spayathon' at the Jolivet Farm. Kevin Sawyer/
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