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10 April 2018

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Written by : Nick Tatham

Lynford School crucial to sani2c success

Ixopo – The fourteenth KAP sani2c is beginning to come into full view with just four weeks to go until it gets underway, and with many contributors that make the race what it is, one stalwart, Lynford School in Ixopo, has been crucial to the success of the event since its inception in 2005.

The relationship between the race and the local school can be traced back to when race founder ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw was a parent at the school and was in charge of raising funds for the school in order to keep it accessible to the greater Ixopo community.

For headmaster of Lynford Tim Botha the support that they receive from the event is crucial, however the school’s parents, staff and children are also fully involved in making sure the event is a success every year.

“We remain tremendously appreciative of our partnership with Farmer Glen and his team, as well as of the riders who continuously support our school,” Botha mentioned. “There is no doubt that our continued success is dependent on the continued success of the sani2c event.”

With a number of different initiatives on the go at Lynford, the school continues to use the money received to keep the school as accessible as possible to the people in and around the community.

“The money raised has helped develop a meaningful Lynford Trust Fund which enables us to provide 25% of our student body with considerable financial support.

“This partnership with sani2c has afforded previously disadvantaged children the opportunity to attend our school and enjoy the standards synonymous with Independent Education,” Botha explained.

The committed staff members at Lynford provide the backbone of the school and help the educational facility to continue to grow and attract new children. The KAP sani2c plays a crucial role in the school maintaining their educational excellence.

“This funding has also helped to ensure that we are able to attract and keep a team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff – the most important asset in the education of our children.”

In what is one of the most exciting projects that the school has undertaken, they have had the help of sani2c in building projects around the school.

“A large portion of the funds are allocated to various building projects in our school.

“We are currently in the process of building a new school hall, which is by far the largest undertaking in our school’s history,” Botha added.

The KAP sani2c has many beneficiaries that they contribute to every year and 2017 saw the event race R9.6 Million across the three events. The support from the riders and the endorsement by all partners means that the sani2c continues to be at the forefront of community growth and development and continues to be “More than Just a Ride”.

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A Lynford School pupil (pictured) hands out refreshments at the end of the second stage of the KAP sani2c. The small school in Ixopo has had a long standing relationship with the sani2c with the relationship between the two being mutually beneficial. Anthony Grote/
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