KAP sani2c Media Release No: sani1818

11 May 2018

Embargo : None

Written by : Nick Tatham

AUDIO RELEASE: 2017 KAP sani2c Race Stage Two

Team NAD 1 Matt Beers and Nico Bell
Maintaining their advantage through the Queen Stage of the KAP sani2c, Team NAD 1's Matt Beers and Nico Bell used their experience and confidence to claim their second consecutive stage win on the second stage on Friday. Nick Tatham caught up with the pair following their stage win which consolidated their four minute lead.

(Bell speaks first, then Beers and Bell concludes)
DUR: 01'20"
IN: On the jeep track...
OUT: ...stay out of trouble.

Team NAD 1 Matt Beers
With the small matter of 1500 metres of climbing on the second stage of the 2018 KAP sani2c, Team NAD's Matt Beers spoke about how his and Nico Bell's tactics played out through the second stage from Mackenzie Club to Jolivet on Friday.

DUR: 27"
IN: Our idea was...
OUT: ...and we did.

dormakaba Samantha Sanders and Amy McDougall
Following another strong day from the dormakaba duo of Samantha Sanders and Amy McDougall, the pair's lead is now over 52 minutes. They both spoke about their day and what they need to do going into the final stage on Saturday.

(Sanders speaks first followed by McDougall)
DUR: 38"
IN: We had such a kiff...
OUT: ...so ya.

dormakaba's Amy McDougall
Despite having a lead of nearly an hour, dormakaba's Amy McDougall understands the challenges that the final stage of the KAP sani2c poses as her and partner Samantha Sanders hunt down their first sani2c win.

DUR: 17"
IN: It's a deceptively...
OUT: ...so ya.


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