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28 June 2017

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 Written by : Dave Macleod

Terrence Bray debunks trend forecasting for Vodacom Durban July fashionistas

Durban - Globally recognised Durban-based fashion designer Terrence Bray has told fashion followers on the eve of the Vodacom Durban July that his latest trend is not to follow a trend.

Bray feels strongly that the time to follow trends forecasts has gone, and is telling his clients and supporters to rather to turn to themselves or other creative fields like art and architecture for inspiration.

“Trending is definitely something that is overtraded as a concept at the moment,” says Bray.

“Trend and trend forecasting relating to fashion at the moment is covering all its bases to the point that it renders itself useless as it has no definitive direction.

“It’s like advertising in a way,” he added. “Globally we have so saturated the market that people are screaming to find a voice in a very cluttered environment, and trending is so similar to that.”

“If you are at the forefront of what you are doing, you tend to go in the opposite direction and avoid what is mainstream,” he explained.

“That is where I find myself at the moment – rejecting any kind of trend information. Instead I am listening to an inner voice and something that is purer and feels new.

“Ironically, moving away from trend will become the trend!”

“It is a global problem. Fashion is often a voice for things that are happening socially and socio-economically.

“Just look at what is happening in retail right now. Things are getting smaller and quieter and moving away from trying to grab the attention of the masses,” he said.

Bray said that he was advising fashion lovers to look to themselves for direction rather than trying to follow trends.

“I think it is important to listen to that voice and then find relevance to how it fits into existence. Fashion is not just clothing. Fashion is a way for people to be more expressive and to find something that resonates with them.

“I am seeing less of the ‘clothing’ and more of the individual trying to find their voice through fashion again.

The 2017 Vodacom Durban July takes place at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday 1 July. More information can be found at www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za 


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Terrence Bray and his partner John Bleach. Bray has taken a swipe at trend forecasting, saying “Trending is definitely something that is overtraded as a concept at the moment.” Dave Macleod/
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